“The guitar is working splendidly. I have a strong feeling now I have an instrument of transcendental quality”Fabio Zanon, Visiting Professor – Royal Academy of Music, London, UK. 1995 GFA Winner

“The quality I like the most of my 2009 guitar is that it pushes me to be more musical, it invites to poetry. The nobility of the tone and the variety of colours make it an ideal tool for musical expression.”Jérôme Ducharme, Professor, McGill University, 2005 GFA winner

“The sound of the Perry is a modern take on the traditional tone achieved by some of the best luthiers like Fleta and Hauser. The volume is considerable, it fills up any hall, but what matters most – at least to me – is the profound beauty of the sound and its malleability; it lets you sing in many voices – soprano, alto, tenor, bass… and all in full richness of tone.”Dr. Ana Maria Rosado, Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Guitar Studies, New Jersey University

“Daryl Perry guitars are masterfully crafted and aesthetically remarkable. More importantly, the guitars have extraordinary projection and punch – enough for any chamber music experience – and are capable of the most exquisite, delicate and sustained dolcissimi.”Bradley Colten of the Arc Duo